Frequently asked questions

 Q: What is MyVox?

With MyVox, employees can easily discuss and share knowledge. Everyone has a profile and that makes sure the employees can find each other. They can make groups and if they’re working on a project they can even add another company contact into the discussion and project page. With the groups you can manage departments and projects and you can exchange information with each other in many ways. It is not only functional, but also fun to work together in this way.

Q: How many users does MyVox have?

In the Netherlands, where we are based and started we have more than 70.000 users. (in December 2017)

Q: How does a SaaS application work?

Software as a service is software that’s offered online. You don’t have to buy the whole software, you pay a montly price per user.

Q: Can I remove my account?

Yes, you can remove it in the settings menu.

Q: Can I customize MyVox (upload my Logo, change colors)

Yes, if you upgrade your account this feature will become an option.

Q: Why should I choose MyVox?

It’s easy. Within seconds you have your own MyVox environment. You can add employees and make groups. The extended functionality makes a lot of other apps unnecessary. Instead of all the apps you can use just one platform.

Q: Is it difficult to superinduce MyVox?    

It takes a few seconds to make an MyVox environment. If you choose a dedicated package with all your files added and a central login (SSO)? It will take a bit longer. (+/- 2 weeks)

Q: I use an intranet, why should I go for MyVox?    

Intranet is a outdated technology. Most of them are focused on communication and in most cases a one-way communication only coming from the higher management. MyVox wants to give everyone a voice.

Q: What do I get from using MyVox?

Direct pros are: it makes the internal processes of your business much quicker. And you can make the existing knowledge spread more easy and fast.

Indirectly: employees have more fun at work and their creativity will be sparked.

Q: What is the most important difference between MyVox and other applications with the same goal?

Other applications often require expensive licenses. MyVox doesn’t use those. What you see is what you get. Also, most of the applications are sold and you get a standard pack. We add personalized functionalities if required. We also listen to our customer and think along.

Q: Is MyVox only suitable for companies that are looking for ways to innovate more?

No, MyVox can be used for more. MyVox can be used for various applications, among other things. Different types of company’s can benefit from it. Because we can add a lot of different applications it’s easy to let MyVox grow along with your company.

Q: What are the things I need to do when MyVox is being implemented?

The only thing you need to do is fill in your work email address and invite others. If you have a professional MyVox account, upload a logo and add your company colors.

Q: What information does MyVox need from you?

Your email address

Q: How does a MyVox implementation work?

First you choose the package that fits your company. We do the rest.

Q: What does MyVox mean for my customers?

Your customers can be added to special project pages in which they can give their specific input. Also, you have all your company information within your reach. Because we added a special ‘search’ function that let’s you search through every file you have uploaded into MyVox.

Q: Is MyVox safe?

We have many sites going. All communication is encrypted and we took many measurements for our services to make it secure and up to date.

Also MyVox measures up to the technical safety norms. Made by the Nederlands Normalisatie-instituut (NEN). The normes for information security NEN-ISO/IEC 27001 in perticular.

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