File sharing + editing online:

Upload and share files with others in your private online MyVox environment. You can edit your Microsoft Office files and safe them.

Working in groups:

Your company is a team and teams work in groups of people. Those can be projects,  departments or interest groups. Groups offer open a flexible work space for teams to work together, share thoughts and getting things done.


By having a timeline everyone can join in. You can update your status and leave comments on your colleagues. At big company’s you can limit the posts you see to only your own connections, groups or interests.


If you have a question or if you’re stuck, you can open a discussion about it. You can easily send your questions to the right person because it’s easy to find the right person.

Working with extern company’s:

Add contacts from other companies that you are temporarily or permanently working with. Add those contacts to your project group so you can have specific input.


Search in blogs, conversations and files. Basically every content on your MyVox environment.


Everyone gets a profile. All content is connected to your profile, let people get to know you a little bit. It’s like in real live, introduce yourself, that makes working together much easier.


If you upgrade your free account to a Pro or Dedicated account you get a personalized website. Your own logo and company colors will be the layout. Dedicated environments make a huge difference where you can connect all company files, have projects with KPI’s integrated reporting and much more.

Support en development:

All users can report bugs or request enhancements to our development team. Pro and dedicated users can also request help with their setup, usage or any question they have.

Extra functions:

If you upgrade to ‘Dedicated’ you’ll get custom made functions. We know that not every company is the same and sometimes other functions are required. Records and workflows are examples or get all your company files integrated with full text search.