Myvox makes it easy to work together:

  • You can make groups that are relevant for your work and interests
  • Share information and edit files online with the integrated Office editor.
  • Share ideas and thoughts with pictures and video.
  • Ask a question to a colleague
  • Work together with organizations, partners or customers.
  • Learn to know your co workers through the advanced profiles.

Watch the clip to see the world of MyVox


Stimulate innovation in your company. Make sure that everyone in your company is able to discuss and consult with each other. Busy wirth projects? Start working on it to in private groups and boost your projects performance.

Stop doing double work. You can use the knowledge and progress from your colleagues and use it to increase your own productivity. Work together in groups and projects and your work will be done much quicker because you’re constantly in touch with your coworkers.

You can leave behind all the other social media channels who each have a specific but limited purpose be. MyVox is all in one and that’s it’s power.